Enrollment Information

5th Annual 

Girl’s Future Firefighter Camp

Presenting young ladies ages 13-18 a pathway to a career in Public Safety

June 26th, July 10th, 17th, 24th, and Graduation is July 31st

“It is so important to give back to the community. The idea that women are not capable of long lasting careers in the fire service or any public safety career is just not true! It is my hope that as we build confidence in these young ladies that we take them by the hand and show them that they can be leaders in their homes, schools and careers. This camp was created to remove the myths about what we do as firefighters as well as open their eyes to a bright future. I must let these girls know that they are strong, confident, and brave and yes they can be ANYTHING they want to be!” 

-Captain Shelly Carter, Director

Girls Future Firefighter Camp will recreate the day in the life of a firefighter. Some of the highlights will be CPR, AED and babysitting certification. A visit and tour of Hartford Hospital and Life Star. Physical Training, Fire Extinguisher Training, Dispatch Operations, Hose line Operations, Ladder Operations, Ropes and Knots, Pump Operations, Law Enforcement, Arson Investigation and Code Enforcement, Forensics and Evidence Preservation, Report Writing, Nursing, and Nutrition.

 Just to name a few…

Who We Are

* Girl’s Future Firefighter Camp has been in operation for 4 years established in 2016. We are proud to be back again this year with much more to offer the girls. We have collaborated with The Rocky Hill Fire Department and their Training Division to expand our hands-on training with real life firefighting equipment. 

* Girl's Future Firefighter Camp is comprised of Amazing women and a few Amazing men that are currently working or retired from the fire service and other public safety careers. Training is coordinated at the exceptional direction of Retired Operations Chief Christina Burkert

   * We stand united by the belief that these young ladies will receive guidance from the camp by highly trained and certified instructors. That the seed we plant in them during their camp experience will grow into awesome careers and futures not just for themselves but for other young ladies to come. This training from our instructors and parental intervention can make a huge improvement in student achievement and community's quality of life while building self-pride and confidence!

4th Annual Girl’s Future Firefighter Camp


June 26th 8:00- 4:00

July 10th 8:00-4:00

July 17th 8:00-4:00

July 24th 8:00-4:00

July 31st 

Graduation Day


*Family and friends are welcomed to attend the graduating ceremony for GFFC class of 2020! 


Rocky Hill Fire Department 52 New Britain Avenue, Rocky Hill CT 06067



Contact information:

Captain Shelly Carter 860-833-1653