Training Curriculum


Fire Rescue, LLC

Fire Rescue ViR (TM) Simulator 

FIRE RESCUE VR  (TM) Simulator is an innovative, cutting edge hardware and software system that immerses firefighters in low- risk, REAL WORLD situations and scenarios through the use of dynamic 360 degree Virtual-Reality!


CPR/AED/First Aid


This will be taught by a certified CPR Instructor.

Participants will learn life saving skills and receive certification upon completion of the class. Additionally, basic first aide training will cover topics such as wound care of minor burns, cuts and injuries.


Physical Fitness Training

The calisthenics include cardio, strength training and endurance as preparation for “ the day in the life of a firefighter”.


Fire Apparatus Familiarization

) All the tools and equipment necessary on a engine, ladder, and rescue truck. Introduce participants to the basic components of a fire engine, safety-driving skills, operation of warning lights and siren, and emergency response in the apparatus. 


Telecommunication/ Dispatch Training

It all begins with the initial 911 call. Learning how to stay calm, get the facts, and dispatch the necessary services. 


Personal Protective Equipment and Breathing Apparatus introduction

Introduce participants to donning and doffing PPE Scott tanks and masks


Firehouse meals with interruptions from emergency dispatch

 A firehouse meal will be planned out at the beginning of the day and while cooking the participants will receive emergency calls that will halt their plans as emergency calls come in. 

GFFC Graduating Classes


2018 Graduation


2018 Graduation


2018 Graduation


2017 Graduation


2016 Graduation


Officer Report Writing

Participants will practice writing reports on emergency calls they received and checked reports will be checked for complicity and accuracy.


EMS Training

Child birth, bls, wound care, traumatic injury stabilization, triage treatment and transportation 


Fire Code Enforcement

Connecticut State fire code familiarization, information, and how to enforce the law.